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Public Questions Archive

The SLDA responds to general questions which pertains to your oral health. The following is a list of such questions and our responses. To ask a question, please visit Ask from a Professional. For more resources on oral health, please see our topics on oral health.

Tue, 02 Sep 2014 21:48:03 +0530 by Lasantha Pethiyagoda
Q: As everyone knows, dental procedures can be very expensive in developed countries, consistent with income rates and other factors. However, in Sri Lanka, the rates charged are quite low by comparison but expensive by earnings of ordinary people; hence the...
A: Dear Lasantha, There are multiple reasons for fillings to be lost/damaged (restorative failure) and it is difficult to define a cause without individual assessment. The monitoring of the quality of materials ... Read More

Wed, 27 Aug 2014 13:53:56 +0530 by Dil
Q: I am 20 years old. I have lot of spaces among my teeth. I heard there is some method called space closure, which is quite cheap and consumes less time. I am embarrassed because of these spaces. So please tell what I should do...
A: Dear Dil, Closing spaces between teeth with tooth-colored filling materials is a quicker, easier and a cheaper way compared to other methods. However, this treatment also has some limitations and it is difficult to suggest the ... Read More

Tue, 01 Apr 2014 09:42:50 +0530 by Anonymouse
Q: I am 30 years old working women.i have crooked teeth palate as I sucked middle n forth fingers in my childhood.can I correct my palat now.will it takes long time?could you please tell me the details,thank you....
A: Dear Anonymouse, Digit or finger sucking in childhood can have a range of effects involving the position and angulation of your teeth (especially those in the front), the way you bite, the shape of your jaws, face and even the ... Read More

Fri, 14 Mar 2014 16:36:10 +0530 by Raj
Q: For years now I think I've had TMJ but as it didn't bother me I never had it checked out even though sometimes I do get the clicks and it feels uncomfortable every time I yawn. The reason I'm posting now is that yesterday I noticed that when I fully op...
A:   Differant treatment regims are availble for TMD ranging from self care, medications to surgery but will depend on the cause, sevearity and person as well as the clinician Any oral... Read More

Thu, 06 Mar 2014 20:00:21 +0530 by Lal
Q: Dear Sir / Madam, After eating a shawarma today, I noticed in the mirror that there was a small black object actually IN one of my bottom molars, not between the teeth. I am 24 and brush at least once daily; i have not had any cavities diagnosed thus fa...
A: Dear Lal, Hard colored contents in a meal can sometimes get stuck in a deep fissure or a pit (the grooves and depressions) on the biting surface of a tooth. This is usually the case if you noticed it straight after a meal for t... Read More

Wed, 05 Mar 2014 22:09:49 +0530 by Kanchana Weerakoon
Q: Dear Sir, can you please tell me how safe our tooth pastes are in the market of Sri Lanka. How should I select a tooth paste with less chemicals. Q.2 what is the color bar at the end of the toothpaste. Is that true with that colour bar we can know wheth...
A: Dear Kanchana, Everything we eat and drink, whether they are natural, herbal, artificial or medicinal, is made of chemicals. It is inappropriate to say something has "less" or "more" chemicals. The important... Read More

Fri, 21 Feb 2014 07:30:41 +0530 by Thish
Q: I am a 52 year old and I have inflated gums very often and tend to bleed most of the time. I tried many times through my family dentist who gave several medications with a jel and had a clean up as well. Sometimes the gums rupture and it's very painfull...
A: Dear Thish, The commonest reason for bleeding gums is a condition known as gingivitis. A thin film of bacteria which is called dental plaque that forms on your teeth is the cause for it. When this film of plaque is all... Read More

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 07:41:14 +0530 by Senal
Q: I'm 26 yrs. and having gaps between every tooth I have. please advice me a solution how can I fill these gaps.I've ordered "Orthofill" bands also and heard there's bonding of tooth also. which way will make this happen as I urgently seeking f...
A: Dear Senal, Gaps deveop between teeth due to a number of reasons and the treatment is best decided after assessing and concluding the cause. In general for most of people, gaps can be closed by using braces (... Read More

Mon, 20 Jan 2014 12:51:30 +0530 by Nadee
Q: I'm 35 yrs and currently studying in US and facing problems since 4 of my previous fillings came off over the past 6 months. I had to remove the 2nd molar which had a root canal in the right lower jaw due to infection. The 1st molar which also has a root...
A: Dear Nadee, Once in a while, a root canal-treated tooth could become diseased or could cause pain because of a number of reasons. The preferred option at this point, if applicable, is root canal re-treatment because the success rate is quite high... Read More

Thu, 09 Jan 2014 13:58:30 +0530 by Vaji
Q: Hi, I am hoping to fix a missing tooth with an implant. Currently I am using a temporary denture. How much does it cost for one tooth? How long does it take for the procedure and from first appointment to implant? Thanks Vaji...
A: Dear Vaji The cost of implant-retained artificial teeth varies a lot depending on a variety of factors and it is difficulit, if not impossible, to quoate a value through a forum like this. The SLDA does not comment on treatment costs because of t... Read More




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