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Asked by, sandeepa on Fri, 02 Oct 2015 22:18:11 +0530

Im from Kurunegala i have a big gap between my front incisors, so im hoping to get braces to fix this gap can you please just tell me how much it will normally cost to get braces and will my age be a problem im 23 years old.
Thank you.

Answered by, Adviser RR

Dear Sandeepa,

Age is not a major problem to get your teeth corrected with braces. However, early correction is encouraged for better coorperation and outcome. Cost of treatment varies upon what kind of orthodontic treatment (braces) will be chosen best for you. 

Moreover, braces is just one option to correct a gap between front teeth. Please consult the dental surgeon in Kurunegala hospital who will examine you and advise accordingly.


DISCLAIMER: The information given in the answers DO NOT EXCLUDE the necessity of consulting a licensed dental surgeon who will examine you and recommend necessary investigations as needed for diagnosis before advising or treating your concern. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using this service.

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